I haven’t been on line for awhile. Sylvia cornered me at the “Horse Owner & Breeder’s Conference” in early January and told me they needed to give me a tutorial on how to make separate pages in my blog. January has gone by in a blur, so I’m trying it myself. I’ve figured out what a “blogroll” is but don’t know how to add one, and have no idea what a “slug” is besides something I don’t want to encounter in the garden; so I’m playing.

Diana Balbar interviewed myself and another gal with rare horses at the Horse Conference for a podcast on Canada Equine Online. O.K. here goes the attempt at a blogroll. If it doesn’t show up when I publish this, I guess I’ll be on the phone to Sylvia.

One of my earlier blogs mentioned we’d been in the news. Well, we got our fair share of press, with articles in the “L’Nouvelle Beaumont News”, “Leduc Representative” and “Camrose Country Market”, besides the “Edmonton Sun”. We got picked up by “The Toronto Sun” and generated several articles in Word Press on the net. The latest article is a research article in “The Pipestone Flyer”. Let’s try that blogroll thing again…

This entry is mostly an experiment. Hopefully this is on a new page. If tomorrow is a nice day, I’ll get pics of the composter; it’s quite impressive, as well as my one of a kind Benoit and Fils pony cart (Regretfully, I have to sell it to help finance the set up for transported semen for Talib).
So check back later this weekend.

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