We’re in the News!!

If you turn to page 2 of Dec. 29’s edition of the Edmonton Sun, you will find a picture of Donna and Caspian mare, Kristull Jehani Texas Lady (the reporter got his stallions and mares mixed up).  We’re quite tickled.  If you go to edmontonsun.com/News/Edmonton/home.html you will also find the story along with a video.  Jordan got some great footage of Talib.

It started yesterday morning when I was delaying going outside for chores.  I started contacting weekly newspapers to see who was around during the Christmas break, thinking it may be a slow time and I might get some press for my Caspian Horses.  I thought I was contacting the Edmonton Examiner, but it turns out that The Examiner is part of the Sun.  In any case, they sent a young photographer out and we are in the paper this morning.

We found out from a phone call from my parents.  A friend of the family is working out of town and phoned to say, I was about the strangest looking Sunshine Girl he had ever seen and I needed a shave.  I’m still working on a comeback to that one.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Texas is coming along nicely on the long lines.  Hopefully, we’ll get her backed before she goes to Kathy Playdon for February.  I think I’ll start Talib  on the lunge and long lines soon.  Illusion will go to Neil Dimmock, as soon as there is an opening; he’s far too hot and smart for me to begin training.  I think I’d be undoing as much as I was doing.  Depending on how Texas goes under saddle, we will be offering an exceptional lease opportunity to get her in the show ring this year.

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