Not in Kansas Anymore

I truly feel as if I’ve been caught up in a tornado of events since last spring.  When I finally get inside, sitting at the computer is the last thing I can cope with.  But we’re getting there.  We’re almost ready for winter and it comes whether you are ready or not.  I’ve been laid off from my road construction job and am currently job seeking.  We’re working on getting our horse population down to reasonable numbers and I have finally gotten some of them advertised. 

The babies are weaned and sort of halter broke, with the 2 colts waiting to be gelded towards the end of the month.  We’ve sold Kristull Goldmine and although we miss him, he will do well in his new home.  With winter coming we have the horrible task of saying goodbye to two of our long term residents, as the coming winter will be too hard on them. 

Greg will be home from his tour in Afghanistan later this week.  This time, as he has been in relative safety inside the wire, the time has flown by and it seems just yesterday he was here on leave. 

With the dint of the dugout from the “borrow pit” from the County, the new fencing done by the County and some of our refencing to accomodate the dugout, other things we’ve been working at are starting to show up.  Even we can see we are slowly carving out our dream.

We are getting to an age, where there are uncertainties.  We will miss our dear friend Arno Leblic who died suddenly from a heart attack just before Thanksgiving and were saddened to hear about another friend who is battling breast cancer for a second time.  It puts things in perspective, however bad it sucks being broke, if it can be fixed with money, it can be surrmounted.

It’s been a blast partnering with Lindsey Gerber on the horses (which I need to bring home)  Her technical skills have given me pictures and videos which are far beyond my capacity.  She is such a good rider and so good with the babies.  Enjoy the photos taken with Lacy and Kenny the kitten.


From Lindsay (Carmen & Lacey 004From Lindsay (Carmen & Lacey 011From Lindsay (Carmen & Lacey 018We also have some lovely photos of Carmen.  Some taken by our friend Janine Olson, as Carousel Ridge Young Horse Show and some taken by Lindsey’s friend Susan Ryde.  Janine is a professional equine photographer as is Susan, who used Carmen as a subject for trying a blurr effect.





From Lindsay (Carmen & Lacey 003From Lindsay (Carmen & Lacey 002Also, after Carousel Ridge Young Horse Show, we think we have found a regular rider for Illusion in Jennifer Wirun, however, I have been remiss in keeping in contact with her.  We have some lovely photos of him taken by Bonnie Herbers, which I will be sending to Cody, our webmaster at Pondside Digital Media, so check out Illusion’s page. 

We’re starting to get into putting horse video on Youtube, thanks to Jeff and Lindsey.  Unfortunately, due to some of our earlier fumblings, we are stuck with Glen’s name Mr900043, but do check out some of our horses there.

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