Report Card

We attended the first ever Hunter Schooling Show at BMW Stables.  Although the entry was low, we had a blast and “the girls” as Lindsey and I refer to Lacey and Nora were awesome.  The courses were very “user friendly”, so we moved the girls up to 2′9″.  This was a surprise to Lindsey who hasn’t jumped that high in training.  A few lines were a little crooked, but very nice rounds.  Jeff did video,.  Andrea Knull was able to get some stills and will do the rest of our sales horses for us.  Hopefully we’ll get it all up soon.  The girls reinforced our opinion of their strengths and appitudes.  Nora is easily a 4′ hunter with automatic changes best suited to an adult amateur.  Lacey is a blast to ride and can do it all; hunters, jumpers, or equitation.  Super first mount for Childrens’ divisions.  Still needs work on her changes.

“The kids”, as we refer to George and Amelia, went back to Lindsey for some refresher work and continue their schooling.  Hopefully, we’ll get them to some fall shows.  We are planning to attend Carousel Ridge’s Young Horse Show.  We will be taking “Whisper MH”, Electra MH, George & Amelia and if I can find a rider, Illusion in the 5 year old development class over fences.  All these classes are against horses, as it is also a CSHA inspection site.

Nora back to school after break

Nora back to school

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