Truck Training Pony Style

One of our major purchases this fall was a Kubota utility vehicle. It wasn’t on our priority list, but there were a number of factors that pushed it up there. It has definitely proven its worth and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was thinking of purchasing a similar vehicle, but isn’t sure if they would use it enough.

Shortly before the snow fell, Illusion was busy demonstrating he is definitely a pony who needs a job. About the same time, I was taking Talib for a daily hill walk to replace some of the muscle lost during the trip north. I eyed up the Kubota and now the little guys go for “walk” 3-4 times a week. As I’m somewhat overweight, I had quite a few comments that I should be running with them; NO THANKS and anyway the horses wouldn’t call 911 when I went into cardiac arrest.

The Kubota works great! A dally round the roll bar and your arm is saved from being pulled out of it’s socket when the young boys inevitably misbehave, as it would be when ponying from another horse.

Both boys love it and their ears prick right up when they hear the engine start. The condition is beginning to show on Talib. Illusion is hilarious; he spends most of his time trying to bite the front wheel, roll bar or me (I’ve gotten pretty quick with the end of the lead rope to his schnoz). He reminds me of dog who sees the leash. He can hardly put his head in the halter fast enough.

When I told my racehorse friend, Wendy, she insisted on a picture to show all her colleagues who truck train their racehorses. I’m waiting for a spot to open up at Neil’s for harness training. I think Illusion will go first, as he is just a little too big for his britches. One day last week, he must have worked all night, to work the 1/8 inch of protuding rubber to pull the plug out of his waterer to flood his paddoc.

imgp1024.JPG imgp1026.JPG


imgp1029.JPG imgp1027.JPGSideview for Scale


Amy is back from Neil’s now. I have a horse, a harness and a sleigh, but none of them are in the same place. With a strong push, we’ll have enough fence up by Christmas to bring the mares home and “go dashing through the snow!

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