When the wind went down….

Harry 003Harry 005With gale force winds, who could blame Wynona for holding off.  As soon as the wind went down on Friday, she blessed us with a full brother to Fiona.  He caused quite a stir, as I was in Armstrong and received a call from my neighbor that I had a newborn foal on the road.  Somebody from the subdivision had driven into her yard to tell her.  Glen was home, but when he left for a music coffee house, he saw ‘Nona’ standing by herself (that should have been his first clue) and everything looked normal. 

Harry 001Another quick call to Jeremy down the road.  Thanks to Donna and Jeremy, they got the fence turned off and the little guy back to his frantic mama. Little brat kept wandering back towards the fence.  Wynona disciplines her foals reminiscent of a marine drill sargeant with new recruits.  By the time Glen got home, he was glued to her side; temporarily.  She has her hooves full with this one; he has a mind of his own.  Glen started calling him “Harry” for Harry Houdini and I think that is going to stick.  Not only for his “escapecapade”, but for the significance of having Illusion for a Daddy.  By the look of the light hairs in his tail, I think we have a grey.  I like him, he’s a little less Welsh looking than Fiona was at birth,  and little sportier.  Although when I came home on Monday, I did take a double take on Fiona moving across the field, as she reminded me of Dharma; there wasn’t much of a pony look to her.  Her honkin’ thick Welsh neck has thinned out.  And that, after all is the goal, sportponies, not Welsh ponies.

Pictures are from 5 days old

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