…still waiting…sigh

She had me fooled.  More than a week later and nothing has changed.  I think she’s waiting for me to leave for Armstrong. 

Had a fabulous Sunday at Killerney Farms Training Show.  Lindsay Gerber, my colt starter, and her friend Tara, are helping me out this year by riding Nora and Lacey to help get them sold.  They’ve been on the horses for 3 weeks and I’ve helped them 6 times over fences, starting with trot poles on the ground.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the progress of all 4.  I thought it was too early to show, but they proved me wrong.  Nora is going to be a fabulous fancy hunter, auto changes already happening.  Lacey is going to be good in her own right, despite being under that magic 16hh mark.  She showed us that as long as you keep your eyes up, she will not stop…she doesn’t make a fuss about being bumped in the mouth.  Her scope and style have shown us, she will be suitable for both rings; hunter and jumper.  She will be a perfect children’s first horse; her chrome and confirmation make her very flashy. 

There is a video on Youtube, however, I’m techno challenged and after several futile attempts am giving up.  Search Nora and Lindsay Killerney Farm and you’ll find it.  Lindsay’s husband Jeff did video.  Didn’t get video of Lacey as she is still trotting around, but will get photos from Linda Finstad who was at both Killerney and Still Meadows (on the flat)

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