Foal Watch, Finally

Trying to catch up on my emails, and the Innovative Horsekeeper Facebook Page after a very busy weekend at The Mane Event.  Just before we left on Thursday, I checked the mares.  Our son Mark, was none too happy when I told him he had the added task of checking on Wynona.  I kind of thought she’d hold out over the weekend, but she goes from 0 to 60 in no time flat.  Hope we have pictures to post tomorrow.  P.S. No foal last night or today, maybe tonight

It’s so busy right now, but that’s how it goes.  We had Joey with us at Red Deer, he wasn’t driving yet, but hopefully, now that I’ve got the round pen back that will be soon.  It is very difficult to line drive without one; I kept tripping on things as I followed him around the yard, trying to stay in position and everytime he’d end up turning and looking at me; so it’s hard to say who was learning what. 

We’ve started trailering into Gorsline’s with Illusion, George and Amelia.  As well Lindsay and her friend Tara  have taken on Nora and Lacey as summer projects.  I’m helping get them started over fences with the mares (that’s kind of scary)

Time to upload a couple of pictures and go check on the mare, before a quick catnap.Joey in Red Deer looking smart in his Twisteez braids

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