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Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Nancy's foal 3That was supposed to be the name of Nancy Delong’s new filly by Illusion, but it just doesn’t fit; she is yet to be named.  She looks very much like our ‘Whisper” (Emma’s filly).  She is out of TB mare, Just Jazzy.  Jazzy is over 16 hands and this is big filly, so she won’t be a pony.  It will be interesting to see how she develops.  Now we’re just waiting on Tricia’s filly by Illuison to another TB mare.

Nancy's foal 1NANCY'S foal 2

It continues to be soggy here (and we thought the drainage was solved)  We have Lake O’Neil in the middle of the drive.  The good news is that the county will soon start on its “borrow pit” for redoing the road out front.  They’ve said they’ll scrape down the middle of our driveway a foot to allow all the water to drain to the road.  It will make it easier coming home in with the trailer in the spring too (no more 4by).

The borrow pit is giving us a dugout 100′ x 300′ x 30′ deep in our front fields.  I’ll lose most of one pasture, but the grass there is done.  It would have had to be turned up and reseeded anyway.  I’ll just have to manage what I have more carefully.  The dugout will help us with watering the riding ring, as well as provide a base for my dream of a “Kandahar Memorial Garden”.  Our son Greg is in Kandahar now, in charge of what I consider the largest military “garage sale” ever.

Our double garage barn renovation is finally proceding; almost have the horse side finished; with the utilities/lab portion drywalled.  I’ll give a virtual tour via my blog when done. 

The grey days are getting tiresome; we had so many this winter.  I’ve never seen a mosquito population like this, even in the Yukon, but I’m told by oldtimers that it is normal for non-drought and won’t peak until mid August.  Come on Dragonflies; we need you.  We found out we could get permits for smudges for livestock, so have 3 set now, giving the horses some relief.  Yesterday, I found mosquito netting jackets with hoods.  Although you sweat under them, it makes it quite bearable to work in the early evening hours.  Who would have ever thought.  Now that I have the permit, I’m wondering how long it will be before the county shuts my smudges down because of complaints from the subdivision.