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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
These two are hilarious.  Captain is at least 2 1/2 times taller than Joey

These two are hilarious. Captain is at least 2 1/2 times taller than Joey

…and now I’m neglecting my blog.  George and Amelia came home mid March.  What stars!  They walk, trot, and canter both ways.  They can both turn on the forehand and hindquarters and do simple changes.  They’re both bending and arcing nicely in preparation for lateral work.  Lindsay’s had them trail riding on the road some.  George is pretty laid back, but Amelia has her eyes bugging out of her head. 

Hailey got up on both of them shortly after they got home, but without the confines of an arena, they were both rather naughty; so we’re giving them 6 weeks to think about what they went through the previous 6 weeks.  It’s just as well, as they both caught colds shortly after they got home. 

It finally looks as if spring may stay, although the forecast is for one more huge dump of snow.  We’re getting a nice slow melt and only 2 really windy days, so our ground water may finally get a chance to recover.  What I can’t figure out is that you bust your butt to get everything cleaned up and ready for winter and when the snow finally melts, there is a huge mess (It’s amazing how much 4 dogs leave).  Just what happens under all that snow?

I’m finally getting some regular road work on Illusion and have taken him into Gorsline’s once for Jamie to ride on the flat.  He only goes to roll; he got down to roll 8 times, not counting the rolls of each episode. 

I’m working on Joey too.  From being voted the ugliest yearling my vet ever saw, he has become quite handsome.  We will put him to Wynona this year.  I had him on long lines for the first time today.  He gets left, but right still needs work.  I’ve got to get on that, as I have driving demos with him as part of Rare Breed Demos, starting the end of April.

We were lucky enough to get breedings through silent stallion service auctions.  From Virginia Pony Breeders Association, we have a breeding for Amelia to Dreamscape Farms Highlife Bodyguard (German Riding Pony).  From Canadian Sport Horse Association, we didn’t win, but were offered a breeding for the auction sale price from True Colours Farm for Guaranteed Gold, a lovely cremello Thoroughbred.  We will use him for Sunny this spring.

Lindsay is riding Nora for me, and her friend, Tara, will be riding Lacey.  We hope to get them to some B circuit shows this year, as well as take George and Amelia along for flat classes and some jumping later on to put some miles on. 

I’m nervous about foaling this year, as we have trade fairs out of town during the foaling season.  But it is what it is.   The girls are getting nice and round.  Texas is the last one due, but I think she will be the first to go.  Caspians often are often closer to 300 days than 340

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A little shaggy, but handsome, nonetheless

A little shaggy, but handsome, nonetheless