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I’m so proud!

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Spent the afternoon, watching and learning, with Lindsay.  I took Hailey, my pony pilot with me.  I swore I was going to take pictures and with my new Iphone there is no excuse; except it was home charging. 

It’s a privilege to watch Lindsay work.  She is so quiet and clear in what she asks.  Even while explaining everything she is doing, she doesn’t miss a single attempt at evasion or a sweet spot to react to.  She commented that ponies are very mature for coming three.  However, although they look like miniature horses, they are as quick as snakes and can slither into where they want to be very quickly.

George goes straight to the head of the class.  After some initial “stay in your space” repetitions, he practically turns himself inside out, trying to please.  He could be a pretty good FEI Pony Dressage prospect, but failing that, he could also be a priceless first pony.  His attitude is “whatever” and he’ll just go with the flow; he just loves to love and be loved back. 

With 10 days work, both horses, lunge both ways, are catching on to voice commands and ground drive.  George especially is learning to hold the bit and carry himself.  Lindsay got a legover today.  She didn’t ask him to move forward, but it was just so nicely done. 

Amelia is a little more of a hot petootie.  Apparently, she was perfectly horrid yesterday, but ended the day spitting out a molar cap.  Both youngsters are just at the stage where they are shedding their baby teeth.  Amelia’s are a bit more problematic, so she has an appt. with Dr. Angel next week for some dental work.  It will make her training experience much more positive.  But she has all the makings of an alpha mare; I’ve seen that at home.  She has the run on the 8 geldings she lives with. 

Amelia has yet to figure out that she is asked before she is told.  She resents being told and shows her displeasure at every chance.  She is not mean, just more of a handful.  She is more where you would expect a beginner to be after 10 days.  After yesterday, her day ended when she walked forward into a perfect transition to halt.  That’s a kudos to Lindsay, her goal was to get on both today; but she saw the perfect place for Amelia to finish her session.  She’s about 3/4 days behind George in getting things figured out.  When she figures out she is being asked, and gets her teeth sorted out, she’ll be pudding too.  But she is not a first pony, she is a move up pony; her rider will have to ride to get something out of her.  She is very fancy and will be very competitive but no passengers allowed.   Amelia could definitely be a jumper pony, but will excel in the hunter ring.

I can’t get over how  much these very similar ponies with identical gaits, take on such shocking differences separated and under saddle.  But the bonus as a driving pair is that one moves more easily to the right and the other to the left.  Putting their strong sides together on the inside,  one will help the other move into the turn.  Now the dilemma: do I try to sell them as a pair, or do I split them.  You can’t find a more matched pair, but they are so different.  George will be ready way before Amelia and I plan to breed Amelia this spring, which will put her a year behind George, so…. any advice greatly appreciated. 

Any CDE drivers out there with grandchildren 2 years apart… the older already had his/her first pony?  Oh well, one can dream.  Their sire is Virginia Pony Futurity nominated, maybe if I win the lottery, I can take them there, show them, leave them with an agent and sell them 2 months later at the Virginia pony sale.