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Still Breeding in August: Oh my!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I can’t believe it’s August and I’m still breeding horses.  One TB mare coming in this morning, another TB arrived last week.  Brian Donegan from Drogheda Farms has also given me the use of his lovely Aubergine Rose, 1/2 Connemara mare for a breeding to Illusion.  That will be a wonderful cross.  We know Wynona (ever dependable) is pregnant and are pretty sure Taylor may be as well.  Another week before we can see if Emma comes into back into season.  We also bred Lacey because the opportunity was there.  M3 Soleil, a Canadian Warmblood mare we have consigned to The Fall Classic Sale is pregnant to Selle Francais stallion P.S. I Love You.  Haven’t had word on my 2 Caspian girls, who are up at Terry Stewart’s in Cremona.  I”m just trying to find time to go get them.  If everything works, then I know next June and July, I”m going to be wondering “what was I thinking”.

I can’t believe our time with Josiane is drawing to an end.  Her parents are coming this weekend.  We have gotten a lot of riding done this summer.  Who knew Amore would end up being a children’s mount.  She is also consigned to the fall sale.  Josiane is taking Primadawna to a small hunter show this weekend and “Amy” (Amore) to an open show next weekend, then she on her way.

Our neighbor 10 year old Hailey has been helping ride as well.  We have Nora G, almost ready for sale and Sunny (Soleil) in light work as well.  Between Josiane and Hailey, Goldmine has been backed and is walk, trot, cantering on his third ride .  His driving continues to improve.  We are really excited with about him as a short stirrup hunter.

Took a week away from the farm last week to go to the Saskatchewan Barrel Race Finals for Sandy Best’s “The Best Bandages”.  I had a great show and met lots of great people.  I always enjoy going to the barrel races.  I’m having trouble posting events on my facebook page, but next is the ABRA in Camrose, then Provincial Dressage Finals in Red Deer.  There is more but I need to sort out Facebook.

Have finally got some show photos  of Illusion  driving (I have to figure out where I parked the jumping photos).  Some have been sent for posting on his web page.  But here are some that have not.  These were taken by Trudi Vellacott

Friday and Sat pony show 336Friday and Sat pony show 818IMG_7778