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Time to Catch a Breath

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Well, we made the long trip to Walla Walla and met some great people.  But it is way to far to drive by oneself.  Illusion was the only one in the 4year old stallions, so we brought home American Blue.  But that’s as far as we went on the line.  My cart and harness was thrown together last minute and looked it; a little embarassing with all the glitz of the Californial crowd.  I’ve never driven in a pleasure class with 8 entries.  For not having driven since March, Illusion was amazing.  He just kept getting better. We ended up with a 3rd place ribbon in the pleasure stake.  It was a very long trip home; I wasn’t feeling well, so it was 2 1/2 days.  Lucky, I’m into ponies, as Illusion stable beautifully on the trailer, even lying down. 

Next week is the Wild Rose Show and I hope I don’t have my usual windblown look.  Josiane, our working student from Quebec also arrives next weekend.  We tore the two trailer bedrooms apart months ago to make a bigger room; we are now frantically trying to make that bedroom.  We still haven’t got our spring cleaning finished…. so life is as usual on the run. 

It looks like the Sportpony Inspection is going to happen with at least 15 ponies (7 are mine).  We have shifted the venue to Pferde Traum Farm in Breton, as Dallas Grubbenmann has several to inspect as well.  If we can borrow a trailer we can still make the Parkland Welsh Show for Friday.

We did the Heartland Horse Expo in Stettler last weekend.  A disappointing crowd, but an event with tremendous potential.  We’ll look forward to next year.  I finally got to see Cheryl LaRue in action.  I”ve know for a while her passion for mounted shooting: she is the reigning ladies world champion.  What an exciting sport to watch.  This particular pattern had 3 serpentines down the line with 5 balloon targets, before turning around the barrel, reholstering the six gun, taking out the other and galloping home straight up the line shooting at 5 more balloons. 

I’m in the process of setting up a Facebook page and I will try to blog the Innovative Horsekeeper stuff on there and keep this one for farm news.  We finally got the decals on our trailer and it looks great, so some things are getting done.

We took pictures yesterday for the pony inspections, I will be sending them to the webmaster for inclusion under baby pictures, so have a look after the weekend.