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Little Guys Can Still Jump

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

We just arrived home from National Bank Financial Open Free Jump Challenge in Olds, AB.  Illusion placed 4th in the 4 year old class.  At least he’s consistent; that’s where he placed last year as a rising three year old.  But this time he had 15 Sport Type horses, all over 16hh to contend with, many of them rising 5 year olds.  The course was set on horse strides with the final fence being a 1.15 triple bar with a 1.15m spread.  Not bad for a guy who only measures 130cm and had his 4th birthday yesterday.  The event was judged this year by Albert Kley, Riding Master at Spruce Meadows and Judy Wise, owner, Fairplay Farms, Langley B.C.  They both have infinite experience at evaluating youngstock, so we are again over the moon with our young stallion who scored a “9″ in temperament.  We tried to video, I even had other people do it because I’m such a techno idiot, but … video coming soon to Youtube, thanks to Barry Freeman who videoed every horse. 

I have managed to get a Facebook page for “The Innovative Horsekeeper” and managed to get our events up.  But I have no idea how to manage THE WALL.  Our son Greg is coming tomorrow, so maybe with a little luck….My intention is to blog the business there and keep the farm news here.  We’ll see how that works…I’m sporadic at this at the best of times.  I had also managed to get an ad, but in trying to navigate my way around Facebook managed to duplicate it with no upper limit to the budget and $.40/click.  YIKES!  I did manage to delete it, but also deleted my other ad, so back to the drawing board as you can’t repost ads after they’ve been deleted.

We were at the Farm & Ranch show last week.  Glen ran the booth on Saturday, the busiest day while I took Alberta Farm Animal Care’s inaugual course to get my “Horse Hauling Certificate”  He always seems to do better at trade shows than I do. …Hey, maybe, I can arrange to “network’ at the Mane Event and not have to be in the booth as much.  That’s murder, when you’re as attention deficit as I am. 

Oh, one more exciting thing.  It should be on Facebook, but,… our hard surface cleaner Accel from Anivac Cleaning Systems has just been named “Official Disinfectant of WEG2010″

Now, a glass of wine, some TV and to bed, to start all over tomorrow.

Computer Illiteracy

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Someone once told me that if you were born in 1955 or prior, your chances of ever becoming completely computer literate were slim to none.  You know what; I’m ok with that.  But its becoming increasingly apparent I need to put myself on facebook.  I’ve been trying for the last two months to figure out what to put on there, going to different business websites.  I have a facebook account but I have it only so I can see my kids’ photos.  I managed to deactivate my personal account today in order to set up my business account, but it won’t let me set up a business account, so I’ll wait until this evening, when its had time to whirl through cyberspace. 

Here’s my thinking and I sure would appreciate feedback.  I’ll try to keep the blog up with what’s happening at the farm and keep the facebook page for what’s happening with The Innovative Horsekeeper.  Those of you who know me, know that I have rather strong opinions.  What I think would be lots of fun is to open controversial discussion threads and/or share maintenance tips.  I’ve been told that could hurt me as a business, but I don’t know….I”m up for feedback. 

And what the heck is Twitter/Tweet;?  I thought it was a bird.  No, I’ve got a pretty good idea, but watching me text is just plain painful.  My cell phone is in a stage of dying; it doesn’t always ring before it goes straight to message.  I’m trying to put off buying a smart phone, because I have an awesome plan and I own this phone, but the world continues to evolve. 

In any case lately it seems I’ve been so busy chasing my tail that I’m afraid I’m in danger of disappearing up my own a**.