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Spring Already?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

At least the mares think so, they are shedding like crazy.  I always use that as my “spring” meter.  This whole winter has gone by in a blur and I don’t seem to have accomplished anything.  We have added a number of products and are now calling ourselves “The Innovative Horsekeeper”.  It seems just keeping up with the acquisitions and updating the website has been very time consuming. 

Illusion is jumping twice a week at Gorsline Stables where Greg trained and is a star.  He is ready for his first cross poles show and will be going to the Free Jump Challenge in Olds again this year.   If you check our calendar of events you’ll see we have a busy summer set forth for us and that doesn’t include breeding season. 

I’ve been getting a few more horse hauls and that has kept the wolves from the door, as well as establishing my reputation.  I will be taking the new Alberta Farm Animal Care Horse Hauling Certificate in April.  I tried to get out and do some stable visits earlier in the year, but somehow that just got stalled.

We spent some time trying to present horses to potential sales clients, but most of the sales have fallen through.  So the past 3 months have really been a roller coaster of emotion for us. 

I’m back in the saddle after a many year absence, as “needs must” dictates it.  Nothing fancy, as the footing and my body can’t take it; but we’ll get there. 

It looks like we will be getting a working student this summer, we’re quite excited about it.  She is a high school student from Quebec who is passionate about horses and wants to improve her English (which from her emails is already tons better than my French).  So that and the girl down the road who wants to ride with me will keep me more focussed on the horses instead of being a workaholic on the place.  Hopefully it will all get some attention. 

I’m contemplating (and avoiding because of my techno limitations) putting The Innovative Horsekeeper up on Facebook and Twitter, if I can ever figure out what a twitter is besides a birdsong.  I’d like to open a discussion page too, as those who know me, know I hold strong opinions and it might be kind of fun to air them and let the chips fall where they may.