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Time to Start Blogging Again

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Wow!!!  Let’s just say we bit off more than we could chew.  It’s been quite a rollercoaster since the last post in June…and the ride continues.  But, you are better off if the tank is half full than if it is half empty.  Your attitude has a lot to do with your state of mind and your state of mind has a lot to do with your success, so carry on we shall.

 We had a successful year of showing Illusion.  He was Reserve Champion Welsh Pony & Cob Association of Alberta Section B Welsh colt and Reserve Champion Senior Driving.  He is now also licensed as a First Premium North American Sport Pony Stallion (Hunter Type).  We will be standing him to our own mares and a select few others this year, as we want to continue to develop his career as a performance stallion.  Check his page for current pictures.

Last Fall, we made a trade with Brent & Gracie Seufert; Kristull Talib for Kristull Goldmine.  Goldmine just turned two in the fall and is typier as a Sport Pony.  Kristull Talib was a first choice for Brent & Gracie when they were negotiating with Stull’s for the herd they brought home.  As those of you who read this blog have deduced, picture taking is not something we do well.  So we will wait until spring when he sheds his winter wardrobe to see pictures

We have just added a new page to our website listing the events where we will be promoting Anivac Animal Bathing Systems this spring.  It will be updated regularly. 

You’ll notice that we will be at a lot of schooling and training shows.  We felt that people are far more willing to try something new, early in the season when they have scurfy, dirty horses than in regular show season when there is a lot more at stake.  At these shows we will be providing horse wash services  for a nominal fee, so people can experience Anivac for themselves.  We will be giving 30% of our proceeds to charity.  Where the show organizer has a preference, we will contribute to the charity of their choice; where none is specified proceeds will go to the Equine Foundation of Canada.

We were so pleased that Peggy McDonald & Eldon Bienert were awarded the Alberta Horse Industry’s Award of Distinction for outstanding service in the horse industry this year at the Alberta Horse Owners & Breeders Conference.  Although we don’t know them well, our paths have crossed through pleasure driving and we once boarded a horse with them.  Although we knew they had a long, illustrious history with horses, we were quite astounded as to the extent when Les Burwash presented a power point of their achievements. 

Two years ago at the Mane Event, Eldon had told me of his work with the Equine Foundation of Canada, then in its fledgling stages.  At that point, I didn’t know exactly how I could contribute.  Earlier in January, we had already set up the horse wash with show organizers, but had yet to settle on a “default” charity.  With Peggy and Eldon’s well deserved award, the decision was made for us.

We had a good show, with a lot of interest at the Horse Conference.  Although, some people were saying the mood felt depressed because of the economy, I felt it was more upbeat than it had been at trade shows in the fall.   

Here are some pictures from The Alberta Horse Industry’s E-Newsletter of us at the Horse Owners & Breeders Conference earlier this month.  With our son, Mark, home for Christmas and time before his odyssey to Australia, we had a built in farm sitter, so we were both able to attend.

dsc_1744.jpgGlen showing the nozzles to a potential customer while setting up

dsc_1617.jpgEnjoying a laugh with Diana Bellbar

dsc_1696.jpgIt always hurts to see what you really look like

dsc_1813.jpgDonna in action

We are both working full time now on promoting, marketing and selling Anivac Animal Bathing Systems and Pure Oxygen products.  If you surf around our website, you will now find more information on Anivac.  We had Amberly Marsden out from Quicksilver video in mid January, during our brief respite from the bitter cold.  It was perfect.  We thoroughly bathed my neighbors 1/2 chestnut, 1/2 white Overo Paint mare (who live outside), with the barn door open in 25 minutes, with less than 2 gallons of water, and ended the filming with turning her back out; all in real time.  She had just the right amount of spook too, for demonstrating first time use.  Look for that on our site soon.

If you have any positive feedback or testimonials you would be willing to share regarding Anivac Animal Bathing Systems or Pure Oxygen, let us know.  We would love to have a page on our website.