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Small world for the size of it

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Brenda Harder at Coyote Run Welsh; she knows of my interest in Caspians and sent me a url with 2 Caspian mares for sale. I like to keep in touch with other Caspian afficionados, so I emailed the contact number, even though I’m not in a position to buy any more horses.

Well, guess what? She is the owner of the one Talib foal we knew to be on the ground. She sent me photos. So with Denise’ from permission, here is a taste of something we can expect in the future.

Her name is Talib’s Query, because of the perfect question mark on her face.  She is a purebred Caspian, 2007 model.


Amy’s a Mommy!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

We now have 3 of our 4 2008 models on the ground.  In the wee hours of Friday, May 2, KVS Amore delivered her filly by Khamain’s Curious Kiwi.  Amy was one of our first breeding prospect acquisitions as a yearling.  She is the first young horse we have owned, so she’s “special”.  Besides being spoiled to death in our inexperience, she is also an orphan foal and has a double cowlick on her forehead; all contributing to her unique view of the world.We were hoping for a filly, as we are unable to take Amy’s baby to American Sport Pony Inspections this summer.  A filly will be able to make it into their stud book on her own merit.  Amy was a little uncertain about motherhood at first, but a lesson from “Auntie Sunny” has turned her into an excellent mom.  We’ve since renamed “Rainmaker” to the name I had picked out for a colt by Curious Kiwi; Rainmaker is now Curious George.  Sticking with the childrens’ literature theme, we named Amy’s filly “Amelia Bedelia”.  They are George and Betty for short.   I now know why “Sinbad” stuck for our Caspian colt.  It sounds a lot like “So Bad”.  And he is.  He thinks he wants to be a race horse, quite to his mother’s exasturbation.   He puts new meaning to “on the run”.For those of you who are new to our website, please bear with us.  I have given Sylvia an enormous task of updating content and I still have to supply pictures and a short story I wrote about Friendly and Greg.  So keep checking back.  I will update the baby pictures shortly with some candid shots.  But for now here are Betty’s birthday pics.   She too is going to be a red roan like her daddy.  She does have some non distinct star and chrome ankle bracelets on 3 legs.imgp1102.JPG imgp1103.JPGimgp1104.JPGimgp1105.JPGimgp1106.JPG


Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Well, we had another one last night. Wynona graced us with a lovely colt sired by 3/4 Caspian, Khamain’s Curious Kiwi, from Fresh Start Farm in Missouri. He’s the the beginning of my love for Caspian Horses. The last 1/4 is a combination of TB and New Zealand Station Horse.

There’s nothing like slogging through 8 inches of mud to do chores. After our record snowfall 2 weeks ago, we got hit with another storm; over 3 inches of rain last night. Glen named our new arrival Rainmaker, as it seemed to fit. The wind gusts were so high when the two storm fronts hit, that they flipped 4 sheds and 5 windbreaks.  But we sure needed the moisture.  I brought Texas (Caspian mare) home from training yesterday and when I turned her out, the horses were kicking up dust.

We just can’t seem to get going forward for cleaning up after storms.

As you can see, Rainmaker is a nice big colt; we just hope he will stay pony size. We were able to get Wynona because she had a tendency to throw small fillies. The pictures aren’t great, but he is very correct and already an awesome mover. Although a mousy chestnut right now, a few grey hairs in his tail suggest he will go roan, like his daddy.  Pam Bishop tells me Kiwi was also a mousy chestnut at birth.  So without further delay, here are Rainmaker’s birthday pictures.