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2008 Models Now Arriving!

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Sometime in the dawn hours of Friday, May 25, in spite of our long vigil, our Caspian mare Tamara, delivered a healthy colt.  The event certainly sparked some excitement.imgp1088.JPG We’ve been watching Tamara on and off since March , although checking her breeding dates, said she wasn’t due until mid May.  She was beginning to develop a rather scary size edema, so I decided to put her in with the other mares to see if exercise would help.  I had a feeling she would foal, but left Thursday night for the Mane Event in Red Deer, where we were working the Trade Show with an Anivac booth.  My farm sitter, Brandi, who has far more experience with foals than me, thought she would foal too.  And although she had directions that she didn’t need to be on foal watch, checked on Tamara every hour until 4, when she went to bed.  When she awoke, pandemonium was happening in the field.  Mama and baby were being chased mercilessly.  Brandi was able to catch mom easily (a feat that has rarely been accomplished), but Tamara, being under stress had failed to deliver her afterbirth.  By then I was on my way home!  Not being able to find my oxytocin, after instructions from my vet, she went to her own vet for individual doses; but was unable to administer them by herself.  By the time I arrived home it was somewhere after 7 hours post delivery, so we had tense situation.imgp1090.JPGHowever, when we went to administer the second dose, one hour after the first, Tamara was her usual snotty self and began her ritual “Catch me if you can”.  The placenta obligingly plopped out.  Upon examination it was intact and healthy; crisis averted.  I was a little disappointed to have a solid bay, there had been a good chance of color, as the sire carries the dun gene, but he’s healthy and gorgeous and may not be his final color by looking at his muzzle and the few silver tail hairs.imgp1089.JPGOn his birth day, he showed quite an independent personality, but mama has sufficient experience to be drill sargeant.  He now anticipates her every move and moves with perfect synchronicity.  Now comes the part where I muddle and rethink: naming.  I’ve been calling him “Sinbad” (from Tales of the Arabian Nights and meaning Lord of Sages) from a list of Persian names I found on the net.  Heydar, meaning lion, is still in the running, as is Shahjahan, meaning King of the World.  I’d sure appreciate any input from anybody who may read my blogs.  I’m hopeless at naming.imgp1091.JPGAFTERNOTE:I spent quite some time yesterday, speaking with Judy Newbrook from Newbrook Enterprises/Pacific Carriages about driving and proper dress for different aspects of CDE and Pleasure Driving.  She suggested that it was always a nice touch of one drove a native pony breed, that the whip should dress in traditional dress of the pony’s country of origin.  For example, a whip driving a Highland Pony would be subtly elegant wearing a tartan driving apron.  Caspian’s are from Iran; does that mean I should wear a burka? 

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I just didn’t expect it to be 35cm of solid!! We’ve had 3 full days of blizzard conditions, in a freak late April storm. Oh, well, we needed the moisture. I don’t know where all the extra hours are going now that I am officially retired. We’ve been doing a lot of trade shows; I’ve made two trips to Calgary and one to Davidson, SK., and acquired yet another horse.

I used these three homebound days to do some updating on the website, so keep checking back; I guess it depends on Sylvia’s schedule. I’m way too computer illiterate to make them happen myself.

The 2008 models will begin arriving any day now and I’m sure Tamara and Wynona are just waiting for us to clear the driveway on the way to the Mane Event in Red Deer. I got the Kubota stuck last night on my 2:00a.m check. Nothing like a good brisk walk to shake off any sleepiness.

Illusion is training in harness now, although he is home for a 2 week break. When I went to pick him up, he was out driving with Mary. Neil doesn’t want to sour him with overwork, as he is only 2 years old. So, his solution was to make him work harder in a shorter time. We came across them on the road, he was doing a brisk road trot just over a mile from home, complete with truck tire and rim dragging behind the cart.

Talib is getting pretty cocky these days, as well. It must be spring, despite what it looks like. He’s quite full of himself. The following pictures are of Talib this morning playing “the fence game” with the dogs. Although it looks like the dogs are tormenting him, he usually initiates the game by pawing and racing back and forth along the fence line when I’m out doing the ponies, until the dogs “buy in”. However, it usually doesn’t take much for the dogs to join in. Both Olga, the St. Bernard and Tundra, the border collie cross, like this game way better than the one for higher stakes with the neighbor’s dogs on the fence line. That takes way too much effort for a big or old dog.

imgp1079.JPG imgp1081.JPGimgp1082.JPGimgp1083.JPGimgp1084.JPGimgp1086.JPGimgp1085.JPGimgp1087.JPG

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Monday, April 7th, 2008

As the snow melts, we have been picking rocks and moving sheds in order to tweak the sacrifice areas, where the horses are now residing (our pastures will need another year to establish themselves). We were looking forward to a weekend of trying out our new toys; namely the Rodenator, the Composter, and the Greystone Vacuum.  But Saturday night, Mother Nature gifted us with 20cm of solid moisture.The vacuum looks just a little out of place.imgp1074.JPGOh well, we need the moisture.  Stay tuned for our product reviews.   We are pleased to announce we have acquired another horse.  Lacey is a 3 year old Thoroughbred mare that shows absolutely no desire to be a racehorse.  Her stunning confirmation, movement and disposition make her a perfect pick for our pony program.  She is on the smaller side for a TB as well.  I think Glen also has designs on her as a saddle horse, since we lost our beloved Rocky (the grey on the home page) last summer.  We plan on breeding her to Talib this spring.imgp1061.JPGimgp1062.JPGimgp1060.JPGThe bay mare is “Izzie”, another Thoroughbred.  She is 5 years and stands 16:3hh and has so much jumping ability she can hardly contain herself.  We have her on a breeding lease from our good friend Kim Berenbaum.  She will go to Snowbound Paisley for a Thoroughbred foal this spring.We just couldn’t help but include these pictures of our St. Bernard, Olga.  She is so happy when it snows!imgp1077.JPGimgp1075.JPGCheck out the snowballs on the feathers!  Sometimes there are advantages to living in a run down trailer with recycled industrial carpet tiles – you just don’t care about the mess!You’ve got to love her “Christmas Decoration”;the snowball was so huge it pulled out a clump of hair;imgp1078.JPG Watch for us at the Great Canadian Trade Show in Sherwood Park this weekend.    P.S.No foal yet.  I just can’t figure Tamara out.  Wynona is getting ready now, so it may be a bit of a “foal race”.  Amy and Sunny are starting to bag up as well.  The 2008 models are definitely on the way.