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Friday, January 4th, 2008

Have a look at  They added to the article from The Sun with pictures and Persian Artwork.  It’s quite impressive.

Power of the Press

Friday, January 4th, 2008

We’re in La Nouvelle Beaumont News Today!!  We did an interview with Bill Glen from The Leduc Representative this morning and a reporter from The Pipestone Flyer is coming out next week!! I googled myself with Caspian Horses this morning and got 7 hits.  We got picked up by the Toronto Sun!!  We’re on  Through that link I was able to get in touch with a breeder from New Zealand!!  I’m in contact with Gaitpost to do an article in May once the foals arrive!!  It’s really exciting to be able to share “down on the farm” with the world!!

I took the boys, Talib and Illusion to Neil Dimmock’s yesterday to get measured for harness.  I think I will train Talib myself because of his remarkable disposition, but I don’t need an expert to tell me Illusion is a little hotter than I can handle at this point.  Texas continues to progress well on the long lines and pending how she does in under saddle training, we will be offering a local lease on her as a riding pony this spring.

We have decided to stand Talib at stud this spring.  I’m going to have to be a quick study on stallion contracts.  I don’t have all the needed equipment yet, so I need to do some checking with Westwind Vet Clinic, as well as my own vet Dr. Randy Killeen, but we would like to offer both transported and frozen semen, as well as live cover.   If you are interested, keep checking the website for details, as well as look for our ad in horse publications.

I go back to school on Tuesday, and then off to the Horse Conference on Friday.  We do have a booth for Anivac, so look for us there.  It promises to be a busy week, so I won’t likely get back to the blog until early next week.