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Welcome to Marsh Haven Farm

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Our website has been a long time in the making, but thank you to Pondside Media and Sylvia’s patience here we are. It has been a hectic fall, as we race the weather trying to make all of our CAFSP a reality. But most of the ground work is done, so we can continue to construct through the freeze up. We are ‘that close’ to having some of our visions for the farm start to look like something, other than dirt piles and earthwork. Right now all the horses are farmed out at my brother’s, except for the Caspians and Illusion, so we look forward to bringing them home, once we get some fences up.

Donna met many wonderful people at Equifair at Spruce Meadows, The Canadian Supreme and the CWHBA Fall Classic Sale. Unfortunately, we did not get our act together soon enough to display Anivac at Dodge City of the Farm Fair. Our next booth will be at the Horse Owners’ & Breeders’ conference, but if you would like us to come out your farm for a private demonstration, be sure to call or e-mail; we would love to show you the machine.

We also bought a Rodenator machine for burrowing pest control at Spruce Meadows and have been having a lot of fun “blowing up gophers”. It really is a humane way to get rid of the little pests, as it kills them instantly and the holes cave in, leaving no biohazard as they are in their dens, making much safer pastures. We plan on doing this commercially in the spring as well.

Right now my intention is to update this blog weekly with pictures, so keep checking back to watch our farm grow.